NY Essential Services Per-Executive Order-2026 -Updated June 4


Updated may 25 Maintenance whether employed by the entity directly or a vendor, including heating, ventilation, air conditioning AND pool maintenance

Updated May 25– Campgrounds must take precautions to ensure campers maintain appropriate social distancing and adhere to proper cleaning and disinfecting protocols, including but not limited to maintaining six feet of distance between campers, unless wearing an acceptable face covering, excluding persons from the same household who are camping together.

added MAY 21 warehouse/distribution and fulfillment

landscaping, gardening and horticulture

Prescribed Acupuncture added effective May 16

Added on May 16 tennis; non-motorized boat use and rentals, such as row boats, kayaks, canoes; and golf and driving ranges, except miniature (mini) golf, with food and retail services subject to the restrictions that are currently in effect within the region

General maintenance whether employed by the entity directly or a vendor is allowed.

Automated car washes may offer car exterior washes if payment is contactless or by subscription.
They may operate from 9am – 5pm. However no interior cleaning is allowed at these car washes.

Updated 04/28 Laundromats and other clothing/fabric cleaning services

Updated 4/28 Appliance stores

New April 18 :Remote instruction or streaming of classes from public or private schools or health/fitness centers; provided, however, that no in-person congregate classes are permitted.

Added 4/16 Designing, printing, publishing and signage companies to the extent that they support essential businesses or services

NEW:Construction necessary to protect the health and safety of occupants of a structure

Revised April 18; Marinas, boatyards, and recreational marine manufacturers, for ongoing marina operations and boat repair/maintenance, where such facilities adhere to strict social distancing and sanitization protocols. Use of such sites for the purposes of personal use or operation of boats or other watercraft is permissible, provided that no establishment offer chartered watercraft services or rentals. Restaurant activity at such sites are limited to take-out or delivery only.https://esd.ny.gov/guidance-ex…

Local Governments, including municipalities and school districts, are allowed to continue construction projects at this time as government entities are exempt from these essential business restrictions. However, to the greatest extent possible, local governments should postpone any non-essential projects and only proceed with essential projects when they can implement appropriate social distancing and cleaning/disinfecting protocols. Essential projects should be considered those that have a nexus to health and safety of the building occupants or to support the broader essential services that are required to fulfill the critical operations of government or the emergency response to the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Real estate services shall be conducted remotely for all transactions, including but not limited to title searches, appraisals, permitting, inspections, and the recordation, legal, financial and other services necessary to complete a transfer of real property; provided, however, that any services and parts therein may be conducted in-person only to the extent legally necessary and in accordance with appropriate social distancing and cleaning/disinfecting protocols. Nothing within this provision should be construed to allow brokerage and branch offices to remain open to the general public (i.e. not clients).


Modified May 16 -Residential moving services modified as follows:residential and commercial moving services

Defense and national security-related operations supporting the U.S. Government or a contractor to the US government

Delivery for orders placed remotely via phone or online at non-essential retail establishments; provided, however, that only one employee is physically present at the business location to fulfill orders

:Lawyers may continue to perform all work necessary for any service so long as it is performed remotely. Any in-person work presence shall be limited to work only in support of essential businesses or services; however, even work in support of an essential business or service should be conducted as remotely as possible.

Animal care including dog walking, animal boarding

Pet food stores; Animal shelters

Added:Bicycle repair

Personnel necessary for on-line or distance learning or classes delivered via remote means ;technology support for online service

Houses of worship are not ordered closed Updated June 4

News Media

Health care operations; research and laboratory services; hospitals; walk-in-care health clinics and facilities; emergency veterinary, livestock services; medical wholesale and distribution; home health care workers or aides for the elderly

Doctor and emergency dental care; nursing homes; residential health care facilities

licensed mental health providers; licensed substance abuse treatment providers ; medical billing support personnel

(Added 4/13) Emergency chiropractic services; physical and occupational therapy as prescribed by a medical professional

Manufacturing; Food processing and manufacturing (food and beverage) Chemicals ;Medical equipment and instruments; Pharmaceuticals;

Automobiles Added April 13) and any parts or components necessary for essential products that are referenced within this guidance

Essential infrastructure ; public and private utilities including but not limited to power generation, fuel supply and transmission ;public water and wastewater

Telecommunications and data centers; (Added)Telecommunications to service existing customers and accounts

Airports/airlines; commercial shipping vessels/ports and seaports ;transportation infrastructure such as bus, rail, for-hire vehicles, garages; hotels, and other places of accommodation, including campgrounds ( Campgrounds Updated May 25)

Defense industry and the transportation infrastructure

Safety and sanitary products ; Telecommunications manufacturing; Microelectronics and semiconductors; Agriculture and farms; Household paper products

Finance & Technology; Banks; Insurance ;payroll; accounting

Services related to financial markets, except debt collection

Retail Grocery stores (all food and beverage stores); Pharmacies; Convenience stores

Farmer’s markets

Food Banks

Automotive sales, remotely or electronically, with in-person vehicle return. Delivery by appointment

Gas stations

Restaurants and bars (take-out / delivery only);Food delivery services;

Hardware and building material stores

Trash and recycling collection, processing and disposal

Mail and shipping

Laundromats; Updated on 04/28 to include dry cleaning and other fabric cleaners

Building cleaning and maintenance

Automotive repair; Warehouse (distribution and fulfillment); Storage (for essential businesses)

Funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries

Homeless shelters and congregate care facilities

Child care programs and services

Essential government services ; government owned or leased buildings

Essential construction may continue and includes roads, bridges, transit facilities, utilities, hospitals or health care facilities, affordable housing, and homeless shelters.

Long Island opens May 27 allowing construction with the following updates:

Construction may continue solely with respect to those employees that must be present at the business location/construction site in support of essential business activities. No other employees/personnel shall be permitted to work in-person at the business location/construction site.

For staging activities an in-person workforce may be present on-site to Clean, sanitize, and/or disinfect common and work areas;

Test run hoists, elevators, cranes, and other equipment;

Order, unload, and rough set materials that specialty contractors or subcontractors need to perform work (e.g. structural supports, piping, conduits, drywall).

Establish new and multiple entrances/exists to control the movement of personnel and allow for health screening, including temperature taking;

Install hand hygiene/wash stations or retrofit existing ones with touchless faucets and dispensers;

Install health screening stations or devices at entrances;

Affix social distancing, hygiene, and cleaning/disinfection signage, including posters, markers, and directional arrows;

  • Deliver and stockpile personal protective equipment (e.g. face coverings, face shields, gloves

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