Tomlinson Bomberger provides a full spectrum of commercial and residential services | Readers’ Choice Awards

Thank you to the readers of LNP for again voting us #1 in a host of categories! Tomlinson Bomberger has been meeting Lancaster County’s residential and commercial lawn care, landscape, tree care, and pest control needs for many years. Since 1981, we’ve been trusted by residents of this community. 

Over 120 coworkers offer a wide spectrum of services to meet the needs at every property. Whether it’s lawn fertilization and weed control, tree and shrub treatments, professional tree pruning and removal, planting, hardscaping, structural pest control, termite treatments, or tick and mosquito control, Tomlinson Bomberger sets the bar for professionalism and excellence. 

Recently, the Spotted Lanternfly has become a concern for many clients. This invasive pest is damaging trees across eastern Lancaster County, and has started moving closer to Lancaster City. They secrete a sticky, syrup-like substance when feeding called “honeydew.” They also feed in massive swarms and this fact, paired with the honeydew, makes them pretty gross to say the least. 

We’ve become the go-to experts for your questions about the Spotted Lanternfly. We’ve been working with experts from Penn State and the USDA to ensure that we’re offering clients the most up-to-date information and management practices.

Call our office at 717-399-1991 or check out our blog at for more information about Spotted Lanternfly, as well as all of our services. We’ll turn pretty gross into pretty much gone.

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