Leading NY Landscaping Company Eliminates Glyphosate Use

MIAMI, Oct. 6, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Alternative Earthcare, a leading landscaping company in New York, has announced it will stop using glyphosate-based synthetic herbicides on its customer properties. The company has partnered with EcoMIGHT, a leading provider of naturally organic weed and pest control products to serve its clients moving into the future.

“We have wanted to offer our customers an organic and safe solution for years,” said Greg Regan, co-founder of Alternative Earthcare. “We’ve tried many organic herbicides but none of them work systemically–none of them kill the roots of the plants. As a result, these products are just not economically viable; it’s simply not feasible for our applicators to spray every week or two.

“EcoMIGHT is literally the only weedkiller that is safe and works as well or better than synthetic solutions,” Regan added. “From our perspective, ‘safe’ is important, but the main issue is efficacy. Surprisingly, EcoMIGHT is even controlling invasive weeds that have grown resistant to glyphosate.”

Alternative Earthcare had struggled to control things like poison ivy and bermuda grass with organic solutions and had given up until the company started using EcoMIGHT, which has successfully killed even invasive, difficult weeds. “Our customers can’t believe that we are able to kill the most difficult and uncontrollable weeds–and doing it naturally,” Regan said.

Founded more than 25 years ago, Alternative Earthcare has been building its arsenal of organic solutions for more than 15 years as its local community became more concerned with toxic products use, especially in the local school systems. This concern hit close to home as Alternative Earthcare’s customer list includes many school systems in addition to cemeteries, municipalities, residential and commercial organizations.

Now, as the number of plaintiffs in the class action lawsuit against Bayer, a major manufacturer of glyphosate-based herbicides, tops 150,000, companies like Alternative Earthcare are looking for ways to insulate themselves from future litigation.

“Lawsuits can happen in this country to anyone at any time,” Regan said. “In addition, more and more municipalities are banning glyphosate-based products. With a cost-effective and efficacious solution like EcoMIGHT available, there’s no reason for the landscaping professionals not to get ahead of the curve and make the safer choice right now.”

About EcoMIGHT
EcoMIGHT is a leading provider of naturally organic weed and pest control products. EcoMIGHT makes Mosquito & Pest Control INTERRUPTER and Whack Out Weeds! (W.O.W), both naturally organic and highly effective products, available online at www.ecomight.com.

About Alternative Earthcare
Alternative Earthcare specializes in controlling weeds, insects and moles; implementing fertilization, aeration, seeding and irrigation programs; and designing and installing Christmas and holiday light displays. The company has received the Best of Home Advisor Award, Angie’s List Super Service Award, and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

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