Landscaping homes on lockdown |

PERRY COUNTY – Landscaping has been in demand since the beginning of the novel coronavirus pandemic, where more people are staying home and improving their yard aesthetics.

“Landscaping is extremely busy this year,” said David Carney, owner of VIP Foliage & Landscaping. Carney’s business is located in Tell City and he has seen the increase in landscaping demand this year. “People are stuck in their homes this year, not taking vacations. They are taking advantage of their stimulus money,” Carney said.

He explained the jobs have been generally straightforward, with people asking for small tasks around their homes.

“Actually, it’s been small tasks to extremely large tasks and everything in between,” Carney further explained. “There hasn’t been anything overly dramatic for requests,” Carney said.

All different types of landscaping are available and people are going for what would make their yards pleasurable to rest in this year. “We’ve installed several ‘hard-scaping’ projects this year such as paver patios and fire pits, more so than in past years” Carney said. He has also seen an increase in landscape lighting. “I believe that is indicative of homeowners staying home and not traveling this year. They are spending more time at home, therefore they are sprucing up their outdoor areas knowing the majority of their time will be spent there,” Carney said.

“We are a full service design and installation landscape company,” Carney described. “Various tasks we perform are, retaining walls, seat walls, paver patios, fire pits, outdoor lighting, irrigation systems, landscape maintenance, mowing, lawn fertilization and weed control, mulching and turf installation,” Carney said.

“A few other items of note.  We also noticed a huge uptick at our garden center this spring,” Carney said. “We noticed a lot more people buying vegetable plants and seeds to be able to grow their own vegetables in backyard gardens.  Most years we will sell out of most our veggie and annual plants around the end of May. This year was unlike any other though. We had some items that we were sold out of in late April and most items were gone by mid May,” Carney said.

Supply chain

One issue VIP Landscaping has been contending with is supplies. Suppliers have been shut down, pulling from their surplus to fill orders. “We have had drama receiving materials in a timely fashion,” Carney said.

Other landscaping companies are experiencing similar upticks in yard grooming, which has caused materials to be spread thin. “When [start up again, they’re filling orders as soon as they get the material made,” Carney said of suppliers.

“One aspect is we’ve had to change our operation a little,” Carney said. They’ve had to jump site to site as materials came in.

“All clients have been extremely understanding and easy to work with through the ordeal,” Carney said.

Carney was also pleased and relieved that none of his employees have tested positive for COVID-19. A few of his employees have been sick but only with common sinus infections and other illnesses. When someone has shown signs of being sick at VIP Landscaping, they’ve been sent home and asked to take a COVID-19 test. “We haven’t had a full work staff,” Carney said, “We’ve been playing it safe.”

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